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Estate issues can be some of the toughest topics to address. Many parents intend to give to their children and to charity at death, but do not know the best way to accomplish this. As a result, the giving remains vague, undone or without seeing the benefits of the gifts while they are still living.

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of families fail in transitioning wealth between generations.

The legacy left behind entails more than a will and financial inheritance. What does a person want to be remembered for? What does generosity look like to them? How can that be passed on in ways that bless the following generations?

Seventy percent of families fail in transitioning wealth between generations. Sixty percent of the transition failures are caused by a breakdown of communication and trust within the family unit. Another twenty five percent of the failures are caused by inadequately prepared heirs.

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The amount of information shared with family can be tricky to decide, and depends on family dynamics. Whether dollar details or only need-to-know basics are shared, communication goes a long way. Most people are too far on the side of not talking in these situations.

We facilitate conversations with children, and possibly mature grandchildren, around personal, family, financial, business, charitable, and spiritual legacy topics. Our process for these family meetings is:


Discovery of family details and current situation analysis


Solutions, recommendations, and implementation of family generational planning


Monitoring annually to allow for new tax and estate planning laws and changes in family dynamics

We would love to help with your family wealth planning.