We believe that financial decisions should always be made with a bigger picture in mind. At MainStreet Financial Advisors, we fully learn your financial details and goals, then offer services based on where we identify needs. Our pricing is based on the complexity of the client’s needs. Continue reading to learn the specifics of what we have to offer.

Investment Management

  • Whether a person has little understanding of their portfolio, or has analyzed their investments for decades, we can help in making wise, goal-oriented decisions. We prioritize diversification based on the individual’s risk tolerance and planning objectives, keeping a close eye on economic trends and related investment performance. 


Financial Planning

After a discovery process, we are able to make a comprehensive financial plan for our clients. This is unique to each client’s values, vision, and goals.

Retirement Planning

We provide clarity to some common questions, like “When can I retire?” and “How much do I need to save?” Our team analyzes client data and provides specific answers to questions. We let our clients know if any changes need to be made in the present in order to secure a bright future, and help them bring those changes about.

Education Planning

If providing funds for the education of a child is a priority for a client, we can make the plans for that. There are multiple options for how to set aside money for this purpose, and we help our clients select the best option for their situation.

Insurance Analysis

We review the client’s full life picture to verify their current insurance is adequate for their needs. If it isn’t, we make recommendations on how to correct that. We take into account various options, including life insurance, disability insurance, long term care strategies, and Health Savings Accounts (HSA).

Charitable Giving

We analyze our client’s giving goals and recommend the most tax-efficient methods of giving.  Maximizing the outcome of their gifts with their desired charities they wish to benefit.

Tax Planning

  • The world of taxes can be very confusing, especially when planning for retirement. We find the best options for our client’s situations, which often help them save money. We collaborate with our client’s existing tax accountant so that our recommendations are accurate and backed by tax planning professionals. 


Estate Planning

Our review of the client’s estate plan helps them feel confident in the present. While this service may not seem as related to finances as some of our others, we believe it is a critical step to financial peace.

Personal Finance

Planning for the future begins with today’s transactions. We help our clients budget, make preparations for major purchases, minimize debt, and create an emergency fund.

Family Wealth Planning

Estate issues can be some of the toughest topics to address. Many parents intend to give to their children and to charity at death, but do not know the best way to accomplish this. As a result, the giving remains vague, undone or without seeing the benefits of the gifts while they are still loving. Most Americans, as they age, fear they will not have enough money to last their lifetime. Having a “financial finish line” may be necessary in making sure a legacy plan is accomplished. The legacy left behind entails more than a will and financial inheritance.