Below are various names you will encounter as part of doing business with our firm along with an explanation of the role they play in helping us deliver a comprehensive financial planning experience to you!

Pershing serves as the CUSTODIAN for safekeeping, segregation and reporting of our client assets.  They hold your assets and facilitate trades, provide annual tax reports. 

Web-based portal allows you to access account information and view ON-LINE STATEMENTS, trade confirmations and tax forms with Pershing. 

Performance reporting and ACCOUNT AGGREGATION SOFTWARE for assets managed by MainStreet Financial Advisors. Allows for an aggregate look at household assets to better serve you.

Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. is the “watch dog” for our clients.  They hold us to the compliance in our industry.  They audit our business practices annually.

FINANCIAL PLANNING SOFTWARE that helps us to evaluate where you are today and how to work towards getting where you want to go. The financial plan is a dynamic tool, updated daily, to reflect your investment valuations. 

Client may access this through “”.

The vision of  Kingdom Advisors is to serve the public by creating a recognized and credible specialty of Christian financial, legal, and accounting professionals within the financial services industry offering biblically wise financial advice.